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From first-time travelers to frequent flyers, there are certain steps we can all take to help make flights more comfortable. Follow these 9 quick tips for air travel to make your flight more enjoyable! What others would you add to our list?


 9 Quick Tips for Air Travel




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Take Vitamin C to help boost your immune system. It isn’t uncommon to catch a bug in a confined space such as an airplane especially with the air conditioning on blast. Keep your health top of mind and remember to take your vitamins and stay hydrated on the flight. The last thing you want is to catch a cold right at the beginning of your trip.


Flights also tend to be quite chilly so plan accordingly and dress in layers. Here are a few cozy airplane outfit ideas!



Avoid eating items that could upset you and disturb the beginning of your trip if you suffer from stomach issues. This is definitely on of the most random tips for air travel, but on international flights, some airlines might overfeed you and if you’re like me, it may be fun to try the sometimes unusual food you’re served. You don’t want to arrive at your first destination bloated and uncomfortable.


It also helps if you stand and stretch especially if on a long flight. Not only does it help your circulation but also your digestion. Compression socks are also worth considering to avoid swelling and discomfort.




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Keep the items you’ll need during  the flight easily accessible. Don’t pack your in-flight essentials at the bottom of your bag or you’ll be that person that’s standing in the middle of the row blocking other travelers from taking their seat while you rummage through your things.


Pack your airplane essentials in an external carryon pocket or even a packable tote you can access when you get to your seat or have ready before you board the flight.



Be prepared. Have everything ready and keep several loose items all in one place. I like to have items such as my chaptick, hand moisturizer, phone, and sleeping liner handy on a flight so I use a packing cube to keep things together and condense my essentials. Take a look!


Here are additional packing organizers that serve various uses!




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Don’t throw out your water bottle. You can usually bring an empty water bottle through security so long as there is no liquid inside. Some airports have water fountains so you can avoid the inflated prices and stay hydrated on a budget.



Bring your own snacks if flying on domestic or budget flights where food is not served. If you’re not sure if your flight includes a meal, call ahead and ask. If you forget to do this in advance, then ask the agent at check in and buy some food for the plane. It’s expensive to buy food at the airport but it still be a better value than buying food on a flight…if they even sell anything.


Tip: nuts, sandwiches, granola bars, and even (pre-peeled) hard boiled eggs can make simple in-flight meals from home.



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Always carry-on your prescription medication or other necessary pills and set aside your individual dosage you’ll need while on the flight. One of the most important tips for air travel is to never check your prescription meds, glasses, or contacts because they’re not the easiest thing to refill abroad especially when you’re on a short trip.


I usually carry my regular size medication bottles in my carryon then use a smaller pill box that I can keep on me during a flight then keep in my purse throughout the trip.



Try not to eat heavy meals the day of a flight, or even the night before, if you suffer from stomach problems. You don’t want to feel weighed down, bloated, or even worse, constantly run to the bathroom during the flight.




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Make your own in-flight travel kit consisting of items that help provide you comfort such as hand moisturizer, antibacterial wipes, chapstick, eye drops, facial spray, etc.


Here are ten more in-flight essentials to help you find first class comfort even if you’re in economy. Traveling with children? Read this.



It’s your turn! What else would you add to our list of tips for air travel? Share in the comments!


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