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Do you overpack because you want to be ready for everything “just in case” it happens? Pack light and find out how to deal with these “what if” travel scenarios!

How to Deal with “What If” Travel Scenarios


What if I drop a table full of food all over my clothes?


The only time you should be asking yourself this question if this is something that commonly occurs to you. If it’s never or seldom happened, don’t worry about this unlikely “what if” scenario. But if you are spill prone…

Solution: Don’t pack white or light colors. Instead, wear prints.


What if a snowstorm unexpectedly sweeps the country?


I have a suspicion that most places that are prone to snow storms may stock the proper gear for this type of weather. Always check the weather before you go but if a random act from Mother Nature drastically changes things…

Solution: Leave some spare change in your bank account and buy cold weather gear at your destination.


What if I befriend a family of locals and they invite me to a wedding?


Randomly, these things have been known to happen in certain countries such as Indonesia or India. Consider yourself honored and excited about this incredible experience!

If you do get invited to a wedding or special event…

Solution: Ask the person that invited you where to get a new outfit. This will also ensure you’re dressed appropriately for the specific event.


What if I decide to go on a last minute trek to Machu Picchu when I didn’t plan to?


Many times, popular trekking destinations also have the proper resources for those travelers. Cusco in Peru or Kathmandu in Nepal are two perfect examples of this.

If you do decide to go on a spontaneous adventure…

Solution:  Good for you! Spend a little money on site to buy only the necessities. You can donate them afterwards if you no longer need them.


What if I meet the man of my dreams and he wants to whisk me off in a private jet to  his multi-million dollar island?


If you meet the man of your dreams it’s more than likely that he’ll like you whether you’re wearing a burlap sack (convertible pants) or a slinky black mini. However, while I can’t guarantee he’ll be a prince or a gazillionaire I know that love can in fact, happen abroad.

So if you do happen to meet “the one”…

Solution: Head over to the shops and get a glitzy new dress and some sexy lingerie. Enjoy the holiday romance of your dreams!


 What are your tips on how to deal with “What If” travel scenarios ?

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