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While you may not be walking around all day in flats, it’s great to pack a pair for dinners out when you don’t want to wear heels. Keep reading to see why I never travel without a pair of my Yosi Samra flats!


Foldable Ballet Flats for Travel


When I think of travel shoes, ballet flats are the last ones I think about. While ballet flats are some of female travelers’ favorite travel shoes, they’re flat, so they don’t provide a lot of arch support or padding.

But while they aren’t the best shoes for extensive walking or an all-day sightseeing trip, they’re a great option for traveling when you need a somewhat nicer shoe for evenings out. If you’re looking for some of the cutest and most comfortable ballet flats for travel, I recommend the Yosi Samra Samara foldable ballet flats. Here, I’m sharing my favorite features of this ballet flat.




Yosi Samra Samara 2.0 Ballet Flat




Style: Samara foldable ballet flats

Material: Leather with a rubber sole

Color: Countless! This shoe is available in several colors and patterns, from classic black to a snakeskin print

Travel Type: Ideal for semi-formal events, dinners out in the city, or any occasion when you need to dress up a basic outfit







There’s nothing better for travel than something you can easily fold up to minimize space. These Yosi Samra ballet flats can fold in half so you can keep them in your handbag and slip them on when you need to switch shoes. I like to keep these in my handbag and slip on for dinners out when I’m traveling.







Not only are these ballet flats foldable, but they’re also incredibly versatile. They come in dozens of colors, styles, and prints, many of which can mix and match with just about any outfit.

I love the idea of wearing a printed flat with an all-black outfit for a pop of style. My favorite of these is the snake print and animal print. I think those are two great neutral prints that mix and match with just about anything.







One of the main things I love about Yosi Samra is their price. They’re affordable, so they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Most of their styles are between $50 and $100, proving you don’t have to pay top dollar to get a pair of comfy and stylish foldable flats.







Even though these are very flat and don’t offer arch support, they’re still comfortable to wear. They have soft insole padding made of a memory foam and antibacterial ortholite padding.

I often wear these in place of flip flops. These flats are as comfortable as flip flops, and I’d rather wear these than sandals much of the time. Sometimes I even wear these around the house because they’re easy to throw on and have elastic around the top, so it secures around your foot without being uncomfortable.







Overall, these shoes are soft and comfy to wear. I love how easy they are to pack. Since they’re so slim, you can slip them in on the sides of your luggage and they don’t take up any space. They’re also lightweight, so you could pack these in your handbag.






Since they’re foldable, there isn’t much padding, so I think your feet would start hurting if you tried wearing these for all-day walking or sightseeing. However, I wouldn’t recommend wearing any type of ballet flat for all-day travel and sightseeing as I’ve never come across a pair that offers enough support for that extensive of activity.






These certainly aren’t shoes I would recommend wearing for long periods of time or travel days, but they’re my favorite pair of foldable ballet flats. I can’t recommend these enough because they’re comfortable and versatile while being easy to pack and affordable if I ever need to replace them.


Yosi Samra Samara Ballet Flats Review Video


Watch this video review on the best foldable ballet flats for travel


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