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Fall in Europe is a wonderful time of year to visit, especially for avoiding summer crowds. We’re sharing our ultimate guide to packing for Europe in fall to help you nail your travel wardrobe. Read on to find out our packing essentials for a number of major European countries!

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What to Wear in England

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What to Wear to Oktoberfest

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What to Wear in Austria: Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck

Heading to Austria? This stunning country has a wealth of culture and natural beauty that will appeal to every type of traveler, whether you’re planning a trip to one of its renowned ski resorts or elegant cities. Keep reading to find out what to wear in Austria!

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What to Pack for Hiking in the Dolomites

Eating pasta and enjoying art aren’t the only fun things to do in Italy. For an outdoors adventure, many come to Italy to hike the Dolomites. Hiking with the wrong gear can ruin a trip, so check out our packing list for hiking the Dolomites before heading out on your trek!

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What to Wear in Luxembourg: A Packing List

Luxembourg may not be the largest country or biggest European destination, but it’s a hidden treasure with so many beautiful sites. Before you head on your trip, learn what to wear in Luxembourg so you can fit in with the locals and look stylish!

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What to Wear in Lisbon in Spring and Summer

  Wondering what to wear in Lisbon in spring or summer? Here are some travel essentials and outfit ideas!   What to Wear in Lisbon in Spring and Summer Written by: Nina Thomas and Maggie Fogg   If you haven’t been to Lisbon yet, you must. A dynamic...

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What to Wear in Tuscany: A Year-Round Packing List

  Tuscany is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy and definitely worth a visit. One of our writers spent some time living here and shares her best tips on what to wear in Tuscany throughout the year!   What to Wear in Tuscany Written By: Lola...

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