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Finding cute and comfortable shoes seems to be an impossible task but as seen in our massive Travel Shoes section, we are determined to find the absolute best options out there. Keep reading to find out why one professional travel blogger thinks she’s discovered the best travel shoes for Europe in summer!


Best Travel Shoes for Europe

Written by Diana Edelman


There was a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead in Crocs, especially as stylish travel shoes for a destination like Europe. The ugly, clunky, lighter than gravity shoes served one purpose in my mind: to keep doctors feet cushioned and stable on hard floors.

That was it! Then, I moved to Thailand and rainy season happened, and in some twist of fate, I ended up swapping shoes with a friend who had a pair of Crocs.

But, unlike the unattractive Crocs I had grown to loathe and swear would never set up residence in my closet, I fell sort of head-over-heels for this pair of cute black sling-back rubber shoes.


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Try their latest version: Crocs Adrina III Flat


My feet didn’t slip. They were cushioned. In fact, every step I took it felts as if I was walking on a soft bed of marshmallows and not the rough roads.

I purchased my first pair of Crocs (they very same pair I had slipped on my aching feet that day) a few months later.

The sling backs were the perfect shoe for Thailand. They didn’t encompass my entire foot (which I cannot stand), and looked cute enough to pair with anything in my jungle wardrobe. They were ridiculously comfortable; I never lost my footing on slick surfaces; and they lasted for nine months of solid wear.


Diana’s not the only female traveler that loves these shoes for traveling. Read the tale from another Crocs addict!




Crocs Adrina II Flats


When they had to be put down, I did what any newly born Croc Addict would do: I went to the Crocs store and purchased a few more pairs of travel shoes. And then, when I took my trip to Europe and Travel Fashion Girl included this cute pair of Crocs as a part of my capsule, I went back to the store and snapped them up, too.

Could they also be the best travel shoes for Europe?

They were in fact perfect for summer in Europe, fooled me entirely the first time I saw them; I didn’t even think they were Crocs. But, as soon as I slipped the Adrina II flats on my feet, I was sold.


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Crocs Adrina II Flats


I never had foot shame once in Europe. In fact, the Crocs I took with me were the travel shoes I wore every day – except when hiking.

Why did I love them? The same reason I love all of the Crocs I’ve ever had a relationship with: they were ridiculously comfortable; looked great even with my more fashionable European outfits (although they aren’t ideal for fancy stuff, don’t worry, Crocs does make some cute more formal-type kicks); and kept me afoot on slippery surfaces.

The perfect travel shoe for walking? Well, that depends on how you define perfect. It definitely helps to make sure you break any rubber shoe in a bit before you take them out into the big, wide, world. But, I know I’ve found mine.


Diana’s right. We saw a traveler wearing the Adrina flat at the Eiffel Tower paired with a feminine dress and she looked comfy and fab, too! Take a look at our Paris packing list!



Other popular Crocs styles for travel:




Crocs Kadee Flat


If you’re looking for a shoe that’s both comfortable but also fashionable and feminine, you’ll love the Kadee flat, which features an airy and foot-flattering low-cut vamp with a cut-out detail. Wear with this cute shoe with denim, leggings or casual skirts and dresses for a breezy look.




Crocs Isabella Jelly Flat


The Isabella Jelly Flat is so light and easy to slip on for a day exploring. The peep toe design and flower cutout design adds a feminine touch. Expect all-day comfort thanks to the soft TPU translucent uppers and the original Croslite foam cushion. I saw a woman in Paris wearing these and she looked so stylish! I never would have guessed her shoes were Crocs.




Crocs Huarache Flat


Inspired by the original, handwoven huarache style shoe, the Crocs Huarache Flat is both trendy and classic. The shoe features an innovative fully-molded technique that creates an incredibly light style, making these cute and fun for summer!




Croc Alice Work Flat


One of the more utilitarian Crocs style, the Alice Work Flat provides all-day comfort so you can hit the streets without stopping. The enclosed Mary Jane style keeps your feet secure while the enhanced arch support and footbed circulation nubs offer extreme comfort.




Croc Sienna Flats


Flats usually aren’t ideal for all-day walking, but the Croc Sienna is an exception. This flat has all the Croc features and materials that make their shoes comfortable paired with a classic design. Take these on any adventure as they’ll pair with everything!


Would you say a pair of Crocs are the best travel shoes for Europe? Share in the comments below!


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Author Bio: Diana Edelman quit her job in 2010 to go on a solo backpacking adventure and tackle her 30-Life-Crisis. After seven months abroad, journeying throughout Europe and Africa, her journey eventually took her to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand where she is involved with raising awareness about responsible elephant tourism. Read more about her and her travels on her blog D Travels ‘Round.