Searching for the most comfortable shoes for travel? From comfortable walking sandals to white sneakers to ankle boots, we have dozens of articles featuring the most comfortable shoes for travel. Start reading below as we help you find the perfect style for your trip!  And don’t forget to download the free 10 step guide to choosing the best travel shoes!


Travel Shoes: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

I love shoes and shopping for a new pair is super exciting! However, when it comes to travel shoes there are a few things to consider before you hit the shops. Follow these tips and learn how to buy the best shoes for travel!   How to Shop for Travel Shoes  ...

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Are these the Best Walking Shoes for Travel?

Have we finally found the Best Walking Shoes for Travel? When it comes to shoes, a girl has high standards – especially when it comes to travel shoes. You can’t just pick up any old pair of shoes - they have to pass rigorous tests to determine if they're truly worthy...

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Travel Shoe Dilemma: Fashion vs Function

  What travel shoes to pack is always a major dilemma for the traveling fashionista. It's so hard to find shoes that are both practical and functional while still maintaining your personal sense of style. Traveler Tara Simmons share her experience dealing with...

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Travel Shoes: Nothing Gets Between Me and My Crocs

  Crocs. You read correctly. Crocs are making their second appearance on Travel Fashion Girl as some of the best shoes for travel. You ladies loved Natasha’s article about her three comfortable but fashionable travel shoes. This time, JoAnna from For the...

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Fashionable Travel Shoes

  I’m no fashion expert – far from it. I wouldn’t even call myself a travel expert or true expat at this point, having only recently moved to San Salvador. But I am definitely an expert in one thing: comfort. Specifically, comfortable travel shoes, thanks to...

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Travel Shoes for Women – Travel Accessory Must Haves!

  IPANEMA flip flops are must have travel accessory because they work double duty! These sandals are made with the same materials as your regular "flip flops" but also serve a higher purpose: they're stylish! Wear them in the shower, on the beach, and for a night...

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Want the best travel shoes? Take a look at our top results: cute walking shoescomfortable ballet flats, and best sandals for travel. Struggling to decide what styles to bring for your trip? Download our free guide on how to choose the best shoes for travel!