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Do you use rental cars to travel for business or vacation? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with a new series of car travel tips!


Starting in December, I’ll be sharing a special series featuring all my best car travel tips to help you avoid overpacking.

I’m quite accustomed to renting cars and there are certain packing issues I want to help you avoid. Travelers tend to obsess about plane travel then mistakenly forget the part about having to fit everything in their rental car upon arrival.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to create a special packing series to combat these problems and recently jumped at the chance to work with Alamo Rent a Car when they invited me to become a Chief Travel Guide for The Scenic Route.

Keep reading to learn more about our exciting new partnership!


Car Travel Tips Series on The Scenic Route



Over the summer my husband and I took a one-week beach vacation with four friends. We planned to spend some time in a resort and then do some local traveling spending a two-three nights in each town.

While packing for the trip it occurred to me to take the smallest bag possible. There were total of six travelers in one car, which had the potential to turn into a packing nightmare.

I wasn’t sure how spacious the SUV rental would be (since I didn’t book it) and I thought I’d err on the side of caution just in case there were overpackers in our group. I couldn’t be happier with my decision!


Car Packing Pitfalls


While none of us checked bags on our flight, everyone seemed to have varying ideas of an ideal carry-on suitcase size and personal item.

As a result, we struggled to fit all of our luggage in the SUV when we picked up our rental at the airport. It wasn’t that the vehicle wasn’t spacious, it’s that we had way too much stuff.

Between the suitcases, personal items, and purses we hardly had any legroom! Bags were shoved into every corner – not to mention the things we bought along the way.

When you’re traveling with other people, not everyone will pack the same way. It’s easy to misjudge the room in your rental vehicle and you may even need a second car to fit all your belongings.


The Importance of Packing Light


It was in both my personal and professional driving experiences that I’ve encountered an entirely new batch of car-related packing issues:


  • For business, I found myself in and out of hotels every other night and got frustrated by the inconvenience of dragging a heavy suitcase in and out of the car all the time.
  • For personal travel, it’s always uncomfortable when luggage takes up more room than the travelers in the car, and that can be worse than sitting in economy on a plane.
  • On the flip side, just because your flight allows you to check in various suitcases, it doesn’t mean they’ll all fit when you arrive to the airport and pick up your rental car.


I’m going to help you avoid these issues and more!


From packing hacks to functional luggage options, I’ll be sharing all the car travel tips you need on Alamo’s Scenic Route. Stay tuned!






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