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We interviewed twenty travel experts to find out their top suitcase recommendations. Read below to discover the best luggage brands for travel and why they love them!


Best Luggage Brands For Travel

Written by: Chantelle Mallin



What’s the best luggage brand for travel?


Here is a quick list of the best luggage brands according to top travel experts:

  • Delsey
  • Tumi
  • Victorinox
  • IT Luggage Amsterdam
  • Eagle Creek
  • Vera Bradley
  • Ricardo Beverly Hills
  • American Tourister
  • Briggs and Riley
  • Samsonite
  • The North Face
  • High Sierra
  • Traveler’s Choice
  • FUL
  • Osprey
  • Lowe Alpine
  • Swiss Gear
  • Jansport


Keep reading the article below for more information about each brand and the most recommended styles for each one!


Top Luggage Brands Reviews


We’ve organized our top luggage brands reviews based on different categories such as value for money and business travel. In addition, we’ve also listed the specific styles recommended by the travel experts we interviewed.




Delsey Helium Shadow 3.0 | Delsey Chatelet Hard 21



Best Luggage Brand for the Price


One company that wasn’t previously on our list of the top luggage brands was Delsey. However, with low price points and stylish suitcases, they’ve become one of our new favorites as they offer value for money!

We’re particularly fond of their hard side suitcases. Our favorite styles are the Helium Shadow 3.0 and the Chatelet, both in 21″ carry-on sizes. They’re amazing!


I packed so many items into the carry-on size Helium Shadow suitcase! Watch this video to see how!




Tumi Alpha 2



Best Luggage Brands for Frequent Flyers


Jill Jacinto, Managing Editor at WORKS, recommends Tumi as one of the top luggage brands for frequent flyers.

“If you are frequently traveling for work, I’d recommend getting a Tumi carry-on piece. Tumi bags are pricy, but they can withstand wear and tear from constant travel.

Plus, Tumi provides travel protection and a warranty. They’ll replace your wheels within a year and have a complimentary two-year warranty for all other wear and tear issues.”


She also recommends sticking to a subdued neutral color if you’re traveling for work. Choose black, especially since you will mainly only travel carry-on. Here are a few more business travel essentials!





Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0



Best Brands for Luggage Sets


Denise Brosseau of Thought Leadership Lab confidently states that she’s a loyal Victorinox Werks Traveler 4.0 owner.

“I have two sizes, depending on if I am traveling for three days or a week or more. These suitcases are very sturdy and stay looking nice over many miles.

Different pieces of their luggage easily hook together or can be attached to luggage from another set. The handle turns to make it comfortable to hold as you run through the airport, and it has sufficient pockets to make it easy to sort and find the items you’re looking for.

The other good news is that it is designed to expand, so you don’t have to hesitate about doing a little shopping on your travels; you can still fit everything in on the way home.”


Take a look at the newer version: Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0!




IT Mega Lite Spinner


IT Luggage Amsterdam

Best Luggage Brands for Cheap


Mary Chong, of Calculated Traveler, swears by IT luggage and so do many European vacation-goers.

“I use the 4-wheeler carry-on by IT Luggage Brands, which weighs 2.25 kg/4.96 lbs. I LOVE IT. I go carry-on only and sneak more on the plane by using a backpack as my laptop bag/purse.”

If you’ve traveled to Europe you’ve probably seen IT everywhere and could’ve easily guessed they’re one of the top luggage brands there. The suitcases are extremely practical in design maximizing every square inch of space while having minimalist details lowering the weight of the overall bag.


Read these tips on the benefits of choosing a lightweight suitcase!




Eagle Creek International Carryon 20″


Eagle Creek

Best Luggage Brands for Frequent Travelers


Larissa Milne, of Changes in Longitude, recommends Eagle Creek as one of the top luggage brands for long term travel.

“For my year-long RTW, I packed a wheeled Eagle Creek Hovercraft Upright 22” (no longer available) and still managed to fit in five pairs of shoes.

I also used a Baggalini Town Tote computer bag with a sleeve for sliding over the Hovercraft handle. The Baggalini is very light and multi-functional to use as a beach bag, too. For a purse, I used a small Pacsafe Slingsafe.”


Read more tips on how to pack for long trips!



Vera Bradley Weekender


Vera Bradley Weekender

Best Luggage Brands Affordable Weekenders


Saadia Shafati Shamsie, of The Opinionated Wanderlust, raves about Vera Bradley.

“My fave: Dash 4-wheeled expandable hard case carry-on and Vera Bradley weekender!”




Ricardo Beverly Hills 28″ Montecito Micro-light


Ricardo Beverly Hills

Best Luggage Brands for the Money


Olivia Hulett, of Ricardo Beverly Hills, discusses why her luggage brand tops the list of suitcase recommendations.

“If you are checking luggage, pick a large, durable, lightweight 4-wheeled case that has a lot of interior organization features including zippered pockets, shoe pouches, and tie-down straps. My suggestion: the 28″ Montecito Micro-light from Ricardo Beverly Hills.

As a female traveler, I know how hard it can be to pack light. Choosing a lightweight suitcase enables you to pack more without surpassing airline weight restrictions. Keeping organized while packing also helps maximize the capacity of your case. Four spinner wheels come in handy as you maneuver your bag through the airport.”



Ricardo Beverly Hills Sausalito Superlight


“If you are carrying on your luggage, pick a lightweight suitcase with two wheels and plenty of exterior pockets. My suggestion: two-wheeled Sausalito Superlight.

Since the wheels on two-wheeled cases are usually inline, the bodies of two-wheeled carry-on cases tend to be about 20% larger than those of four-wheeled carry-ons, and more packing capacity is always a good thing.

Store your boarding pass and other important travel documents in the exterior pockets of your carry-on so you can easily access them as you go through check-in and security.”


Read these tips on how to breeze through the airport!




American Tourister Llite Xtreme Spinner 21″


American Tourister

Best Luggage Brand on a Budget


Vienne Cheung, of VienneMilano, favorites American Tourister.

“After much searching, I found a small, 20” suitcase made by American Tourister. The purple was just right, matching the color of my brand.

It was big enough to carry all of my products for my traveling pop-up events, and spacious enough to fit a week of wardrobe for New York fashion week. Since I pretty much live in my suitcase, I am super happy!”

One of the main reasons that American Tourister is considered one of the top luggage brands is that it offers a balance between quality and price. If you only travel occasionally and want a low cost option, this is a good choice.




Briggs and Riley 22″ Expandable Carryon


Briggs and Riley

Best Luggage Brands for Air Travel


“I’m a Briggs and Riley carry-on girl, unless I’m traveling longer than two weeks.” – Nancy D. Brown

Briggs and Riley is a fantastic luggage brand loved by many jetsetters who travel for both leisure and business.



 Briggs & Riley Medium Size Duffle 


Lindsay Taub, of Voyage Vixens, spent years in search of the perfect bag, and she found it.

“The Briggs & Riley Exchange Duffle weighs only a few pounds and easily converts from a shoulder bag to a backpack. It also passes for carry-on size, so there’s no need to check a bag.

For me, this is absolutely key because it gives you flexibility while traveling and there’s no chance of your luggage getting lost when you carry on.”






Samsonite Winfield 3-Piece Set



Best Luggage Brands for International Travel


Time and time again, travelers agree that Samsonite is number one on the list of top luggage brands, making it one of the highest in suitcase recommendations.

Planet Lew says: “I have a set of Samsonite 4-wheel spinners. The smallest is cabin size and I use it for up to week-long trips. The middle size is good if I need to take more stuff, and the largest is a bit ridiculous.”



 Samsonite S’Cure Spinner


Erin Bender, from Explore with Erin, shares why Samsonite is her top pick for travels with a family.

“We chose 4-wheeler luggage. Not only is it great to push with one finger, but the kids can ride on it, too, which saves us from losing them in the airport. Go with the Samsonite with latch closures; bags with zips break too easily and fragile pieces are in better care in a hard case.”




Samsonite Firelite Carry-on Spinner


Sarah-Jane Begonja with Chasing the Donkey also agrees.

“My arthritic spine and fingers always appreciate my 4-wheeler. It rolls along easier and I’ve been known to use it to stack my bottles of booze on top.”




North Face Rolling Thunder


The North Face

Best Luggage Brands for Adventure Travel


Angela Consiglio, of Traveler’s Choice, opts for a 29″ rolling duffle for leisure travel. It’s large and very accommodating for 7-14 day trips.

“The reason I select a rolling duffle is because it has no frame. It has a pull-out handle that zips into its’ own compartment, and runners on the bottom that keep the material dry–but no frame like an average upright suitcase.

This allows me a larger packing capacity. It also helps if I make purchases on my vacation. The new “drop-bottom” rolling duffels are even better. I can separate my shoes and dirty clothes from my clean clothes.

I’m constantly on the hunt for the perfect rolling duffle. So far, this one by North Face is my top pick.”


Here are more choices for rolling duffle bags!



High Sierra Ultimate Access 2.0


High Sierra

Best Luggage Brands for Durability


Christina, President of VIP Alpine Tours/VIP Travel, is also on board with rolling duffel bags.

“I love the new stylish designs and ease of maneuvering. Plus, so many are now made in bright colors and are easy to spot as they come down the baggage carousel in busy airports.

My last purchase was a High Sierra Wheeled Duffel and I was pleased how it held up. I normally try to purchase checked luggage at under eight pounds (five pounds is ideal) and this worked out well.

A good rolling duffel will cost you around $100-$150. Look for large sizes between 28-32 inches.”




 High Sierra Expandable Wheeled Duffel


Tina Jones also swears by High Sierra.

“They have a variety of luggage sizes (I have two that are both small enough to pass as carry-ons). Both of them have backpack straps, but one is also a roller and the other can be converted into a duffle bag, great for getting up stairs and broken escalators.”


To find out why rolling duffle bags make great alternatives to a regular suitcase or backpack, please read this article.




Traveler’s Choice Sienna 21″


Traveler’s Choice

Best Luggage Brands for Business Travel


Christina, President of VIP Alpine Tours/VIP Travel, notes that the top luggage brands for business travelers feature garments bags to easily hang her clothing in the hotel while also keeping items wrinkle-free.

“We have a wonderful 21” Sienna upright that has two separate compartments. One compartment serves as a garment bag, the other compartment serves a normal carry-on purpose (holding shoes, toiletries, gym clothes, etc).”


Packing folders like these are another useful items for packing business shirts!




FUL Hybrid Wheeled Duffel Bag



Best Luggage Brands for Organization


Christina Ernst, of VIP Alpine Tours/VIP Travel, recommends staying away from lightweight hard-sided luggage brands and looking for options with outside pockets instead.

“I tend to travel roughly and visit numerous cold weather destinations where my gear takes over. There is no need to spend money on expensive bags.

My current piece is the FUL rolling duffel which prices out at under $100. I like the easy access pocket on top. It does weigh ten pounds, but it is a solid bag.”




Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage



Best Luggage Brands for Durability


Jacquie Whitt, co-founder of Adios Adventure, has been using the Osprey Sojourn bag for the past five or six years.

“It features wheels as well as hidden shoulder straps, should I be in a place without roads. One of the reasons I like Osprey is their guarantee. My first bag wore out after four years of traveling around South America and when I took it in for repair, they replaced it with a new bag.”




Osprey Porter 46 Travel Backpack Bag


Vanessa, of Turnipseed Travel, says that everyone focuses on the size of their bag, but weight is just as important.

Most luggage brands of wheeled suitcases that advertise their carry-ons as being “ultra-lite” usually weigh between six to nine pounds. I’m currently trying out the Osprey Porter 46, a soft-sided travel bag with backpack straps that weighs just over two pounds.


The best luggage brand for backpacks is Osprey. Find out which ones!




Osprey Meridian Wheeled Luggage


Inma Gregorio, of A World to Travel, uses a wheeled, convertible 45L backpack with a 15L daypack attached.

I currently also use this lightweight wheeled bag by Osprey – it’s the best!




Lowe Alpine Cerro Torre ND 60:80 Backpack


Lowe Alpine

Best Luggage Brands for Backpacks


Alyson Long, of World Travel Family says, “I’ve got a Lowe Alpine Travel Trekker Pro ND60 travel pack, 60 L.”




SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900


Swiss Gear

Best Luggage Brands for Backpacks


“I have a Swiss Gear backpack that holds tons, including my 17″ laptop! It’s tough as nails! Love it!” -Mike Hinshaw




JanSport Watchtower Laptop Backpack



Best Luggage Brands for Backpacks


I use a Jansport Backpack for trips of two weeks or less (light packer here!) with a Chloe Messenger bag for my camera. -Lauren Gaile


For tips on choosing the best travel backpack, please read this guide.



What do you think are the top luggage brands? Share and comment below!


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