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Another amazing year is coming to an end and we’ve rounded up your favorite blog posts of the year. Here are the top 20 blog posts you loved reading this year!


20 Best Blog Posts of 2016


1. The Fashionista’s Guide to a Luggage-Free Minimalist Packing List


Rebecca Minkoff Backpack


I just spent a one-week summer vacation luggage free – I packed all my stuff into my favorite purse! Think carryon or one bag travel is impossible for fashionistas? Well, there’s no more excuses! Check out my minimalist packing list!

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2. Best Travel Shoes: Our Readers Swear by these 40 Brands


Ecco Huarache SandalNike Running Shoes


To help us better understand what you love wearing on your adventures, we asked you to vote for your favorite shoes. The results are in!

This is a list of the forty best travel shoes as chosen by TFG’s readers. Find out what they are, why they’re recommended, and why you’ll want to wear them, too!

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3. Comfortable Walking Sandals that Don’t Sacrifice Style


Naot Sabrina Sandal / ECCO Damara Sandal


It’s 2016 and comfort continues to dominate footwear. Check out our round-up of thirteen comfortable walking sandals that don’t sacrifice style.

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4.  Travel Shoes: The Ultimate Shopping Guide


Born Bootie


I love shoes and shopping for a new pair is super exciting! However, when it comes to travel shoes, there are a few things to consider before you hit the shops. Follow these tips and learn how to buy the best shoes for travel.

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5. Athleta Pants: Why They’re Seriously Awesome


City Jogger Pant / Aspire Ankle Pant


Have you heard of Athleta? If you haven’t, get it on your radar now because some of their clothing rocks for travel including their featherweight pant collection. Take a look!

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6. What To Wear On A Plane: Our Foolproof Formula


Loft Open Cardigan / Zella Live In Leggings


Wondering what to wear on a plane? Find out our foolproof formula for long-haul trips. Use it on long-haul flights or short weekend getaways!

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7. The Most Comfortable Travel Shoes for Women Over 60


Teva Verra Sandal / Gypsum WP Hiking Shoe


Women over sixty can sometimes feel limited by their fashion options, but we’ve got the inside scoop! Find out the top sixteen most comfortable travel shoes for older women, as voted for by our readers.

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8. What to Wear on a Rainy Day When Traveling


London Fog Trench coatTeva Boot


Wondering what to wear on a rainy day when traveling? Here are some packing tips to help you make the most of the weather – rain or shine!

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9. European Fashion: 5 Timeless Classics that Never Go Out of Style


Cashmere & Silk Wrap


Wondering about the latest European fashion? Trends and fads may come and go but there are five timeless classics that will never go out of style. These are the five must-have clothing items every woman should have in her suitcase when traveling to Europe.

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10. Best Pants for Travel: What to Wear Everywhere


Trekkie Jogger / Anatomie Skyler Skinny Pants


When this blog first began, we discovered what we believed to be the impossible: the best travel pants for women.

Almost four years later, we’re re-visiting this topic but this time we’re going to take a look at the best pants for travel to various destinations. Keep reading to find out what styles top our list.

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11. Daily Travel Essentials: What to Carry in Your Day Bag?


Sony Digital Camera / CamelBak Water Bottle


What do you carry in your day bag while traveling? Here are our daily travel essentials in four different scenarios.

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12. Splurge-worthy Luxury Travel Accessories 2016


Fiberboard Travel Trolley


A higher price tag opens up a whole new world of fashionable luggage and travel accessories. If you prefer luxury, Prada, and designer bags – you don’t want to miss this roundup of the most splurge-worthy luxury travel accessories for 2016.

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13. Rainy Day Outfits to Ensure Rain Never Ruins Your Travels


Cardigan Sweater / Dress / Trench Coat / Ribbed Tights / Lipstick / Boots


Rain can be a nuisance when you travel if you’re not prepared. Don’t let rain ruin your trip. Take a look at these four rainy day outfits for different travel scenarios.

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14. How to Choose the Best In-Flight Travel Purse


Tumi Crossbody Messenger Bag 


Most airlines allow you to bring one “personal item” in addition to a carryon bag. A purse, laptop bag, or small backpack all qualify as personal items. Here are some tips on how to choose the best in-flight travel purse!

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15. This Merino Wool Dress Almost Made Me Overpack for Paris


Ibex Shae Dress


Wondering what to wear in spring or autumn when the weather’s still cold but occasionally sunny? Dresses are a great option for this time of year. Take a look at the merino wool dress that almost made me overpack for Paris – I love it!

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16. Waterproof Boots for the Autumn Rain and Winter Snow


McMillan Bootie / Cougar Connect Boot


We asked TFG readers for their favorite rain and snow shoes and they voted – find out what they chose as the best women’s waterproof leather boots!

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17. Boarding a Flight: My 5-Step Foolproof Pre-Flight Routine


Veho Portable ChargerCabeau Travel Pillow


Wondering what to do before boarding a flight? Find out my foolproof 5-step process!

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18. How Not to Overpack for a 3-Week Trip to Europe


Cardigan / Ankle Booties


Packing for Europe in the shoulder season can be challenging. Should you pack for cold or warm weather? Start by reading this packing guide for trips with different weather and then learn how to avoid overpacking with these tips!

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19.  Capsule Travel Wardrobe: What are Neutral Colors?


Double Breasted Bouclé Coat / Tunic, Shirt and Jeans


When every other piece in your suitcase is the color black, you may have fallen into a fashion rut in the hopes of creating a compact travel wardrobe. We’ve narrowed down a few additional neutral colors and clothing ideas to expand your palette. Versatile, flattering, and easy to coordinate – these five colors are great additions to enhance your travel wardrobe options. Take a look!

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20. 5 Ways to Transform an Everyday Summer Dress


Crop Long Sleeve Top / Printed Strappy Sundress / Collar Blouse


The key to packing a stylishly light wardrobe is to choose versatile items. Take a look at these five ways to transform an everyday summer dress!

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